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We always ensure that each one of our products meet quality assurance standards; from pressure tests to color proofing, we make sure that our problems don’t become yours.



Our team of experienced staff members are ready to assist you in understanding your marketing or advertising requirements and to work out what best suits you.



Our business is based on a model of delivering cost-effective solutions to all our customers, plus, and you won’t find more competitive prices elsewhere.

Benefit of Inflatables

  • The fun and innovative way to promote your product / business.
  • Use them to welcome and entertain folks when they are visiting shopping complex centre, shops, amusement parks, and during festive occasion.parks, and during festive occasion.
  • These inflatable adds carnival spirit to all gathering.
  • Use it to spread the advertising message quickly.
  • Positioned properly, they even act as location finders.
  • High visibility over long distances.
  • You can dwarf your competitor with the sheer size.
  • Having achieved the first goal short and sweet, your sales soar dramatically.
  • Visibility and Appeal that gives your product personality.

Why 360 Degree?

Over the years, 360° Degrees has grown into a leading provider 3D Inflatable product and services, setting and establishing a solid track record among our current and past clientele. We have since been in the forefront of developing tailor made solutions for each our customers.
At 360° Degrees, our inflatables can be custom made into almost any shape alongside attractive artwork to go with it, turning your ideas and imagination into reality, and granting you the flexibility and control over your brand’s creative output. Inflatables are particularly effective for product launches, brand building exercises, rural promotional campaigns and for regular advertising in general. It is cost-effective and ideal to achieve maximum exposure and product awareness.
In addition, brand recall is best enforced visually and nothing is more visual than a giant product replica which will be both unique and unconventional, leaving a long-lasting impression on all who pass by.

Improve sales, maximize brand exposure and achieve stronger brand equity across multiple locations.


IAdd value and generate better returns on corresponding campaigns and promotions of your choice.


Create better community engagement and outreach.


Attract more attention through unique and unconventional displays of your brand.


Larger than life products and imagery generate can better brand recall.


Extremely effective tool for launching new product or service.

Quality & Sales force

We prioritize having open communication with all of our customers. We ensure that all our sales and support representatives are able to establish a comprehensive understanding of client requirements before working on an appropriate solution. It doesn’t matter if it’s good – if it’s not right for you.