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    Most business have a visibility issue, our product solve that problem by simply getting people to see your business. Inflatable product replicas are the best way to promote your Product / Brand. Inflatable can be created in any size and shape with an attractive artwork on it.






Frequently Asked Questions

When will you start production/delivery?2018-08-09T17:41:50+08:00

Your order will be processed and production will begin shortly after receiving the initial down payment of 50%. We will confirm with you once again one once production is finished and will begin the delivery process after receiving the balance payment.

How do I pay?2018-08-09T17:38:50+08:00

For payments, we accept cash, cheque, bank transactions, and credit card.

How do I order?2018-08-09T17:38:04+08:00

You can send in your details via email or order through our website.

What is the minimum quantity for orders?2018-08-09T17:37:23+08:00

No minimum.

Does the blower consume/require a lot of electricity?2018-08-09T17:36:39+08:00

No. The electricity that the blower consumes will not stray far from standard electrical products.

Are the inflatables movable?2018-08-09T17:36:05+08:00

Yes. One of the more advantageous features of our range of inflatable products, is that you may move them as much as you like. Easy to carry, set and pack.

Will the inflatables be affected by changing weather conditions?2018-08-09T17:35:15+08:00

High temperatures have little to no effect on the inflatables.

How can we display the ‘continuous blow’ Inflatables?2018-08-09T17:34:37+08:00

An inflatable is inflated with a cold air fan. This fan needs be kept running for as long as you want it to be displayed. There will be an instruction manual to explain its mechanics.

Do your blowers meet CE/UL requirements?2018-08-09T17:33:45+08:00

We can offer CE/UL blower for inflatable bouncers and cool air inflatables.

How do we repair the Inflatables?2018-08-09T17:33:08+08:00

Minor cuts or punctures do not affect the Inflatables when on display. They can be easily repaired after the display. For extensive damages, factory repair services are available at very nominal charges.

Do you have any warranty/guarantees?2018-08-09T17:32:16+08:00

We do not provide warranty for damage caused by environmental or external factors. However, our products typically can be used for more than 1 year.

What is included in your inflatable games?2018-08-09T17:31:30+08:00

It includes the inflatable, blower, kit bag (which includes the same colored material, glue), ground sheet.

Do you do custom designs?2018-08-09T17:30:24+08:00

Yes, do send us your design requirements and a sketch so we may quote you with our best price.

Where can I get a catalogue?2018-08-09T17:28:12+08:00

We can send you our catalogue to you by mail or courier according to your requirements.

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