Sky Dancer

Sky dancer is an attractive & cost effective inflatable for welcoming your guest.

Inflatable Games & Sports

Inflatable Games & sports are suitable for any carnivals, allow kids to play around.  We customized different shape & size that cater your branding requirement.

Giant Balloon

We custom manufacture inflatable giant balloon without providing helium gas & installation service.

Hi – Light

Hi-Light is an inflatable tube which had lighting inside, gives great impress for any event in the dark.

Inflatable Billboard

Enforced your branding easily with portable inflatable billboard.

Maintenance Service

We provide regular and scheduled maintenance / repair for all the inflatables you have purchased with us.


Product Care

Although our products are made to be durable, it will be in your best interest to take good care of them for longer use. It is generally recommended that you keep your inflatables clean and not drag them over rougher surfaces which may cause damage to its materials.


Cleaning & Repair

Always make sure that your inflatables are dry before you store them, as presence of water may encourage the growth of mold and invite undesirable odors. Once clean and dry, store in a cool and shaded location, away from the weather’s influence.

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